The Cocktail Vibe at Mr. Booze

As important as the addition of well prepared, exciting, flavorful, old-school Cocktails are to an evening of imbibing, there are several other things to take care of and that are equally important to a fun experience. You must have the vibe cooking in the room. This is the place to come for recommendations on music, recipe books, history and the scene.
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Autumn Cocktail Extravaganza!

Enough already! It’s finally fall. The bourbons, scotch, ryes & brandies can finally be broken out & the white & light rums, vodkas & gins tucked away ’til spring. I’ve decided with this piece, to lump together ALL of our Autumn cocktails from this & years past, in one place. Cider House Cocktail  2 oz […]



The Leaves Are Falling; Cocktails Are Calling

Cider House Cocktail – One of the few cocktails on our site that I, myself, came up with on a recent night of entertaining. I’d made a few batches of Autumnal simple syrups (see below) and wanted a drink that truly captured the heart of my favorite of the four seasons. I’ve now made this […]


Mr. Booze Annual Fall Cocktail Guide

Put the lawnmower away…and take out the rakes. Yup, it’s that time again. Autumn is here in all her glorious color, crisp temperature and leaf dropping ways. At Mr. Booze, we’ve always considered fall to be the best season in which to imbibe. The weather is cool enough to take the party outside, the colors […]


Autumn Cocktails – rich spicy drinks for a rich spicy season

Here’s a quick list, gathered from our recipe page, of the drinks I feel are best suited for fall drinking. Of coarse, these drinks can be drunk year round, I find they drink even better while wearing a sweater. As much as I enjoy imbibing all twelve months of the year, fall is special; you’re […]


Hunter’s Cocktail

I’m certain Freddy Kruger, Jason and Michael Myers sit back and enjoy one of these before a night of coed killing. It has an autumn appeal, and really tastes like an October cocktail. Here we go – 1 ½ oz Bourbon ½ oz. Cherry Brandy Combine ingredients in an Old-Fashioned glass over ice. Garnish with […]


Applejack Old-Fashioned

Exactly what it says it is, this drink should be far from a mystery. But I did promise autumn cocktails and Laird’s Applejack is about as fall-like as a spirit can get. I love Applejack. It tastes strong as it goes down and leaves an apple finish in your mouth that will leave you smiling. […]


Simple Syrup

Usually, when you read a cocktail recipe that calls for a sugar additive, you can substitute with the sugar syrup know as Simple Syrup.  I use the stuff all the time in my sour drinks (Daiquiri, Jack Rose, Sidecar, many Tiki drinks, etc…). What I love doing with my simple syrups is to infuse them […]


Bobby Burns

Say this one with a Scottish accent while your pouring them, laddie. It sounds great. Here’s another tasty scotch cocktail that doesn’t call for one of your single malts, a blend will work just fine and dandy. This drink’s perfect for a Dewars, Grants or Cutty Sark. You can serve it up or on the […]