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Two Maryland-Based Cocktail Historians Launch New Website, Mr-Booze.Com, Saves Money & Brings Classic Cocktail Trend Back Home is designed for cocktail-drinking, cost-conscious adults who have a passion for the way things used to be.

Silver Spring, MD (Sept. 9, 2009) – Two serious cocktail historians, collectors and drinkers, tired of paying $12 or more for a classic cocktail that their parents and grandparents paid $1 for back in the day, just launched their new website and blog,, which celebrates the many benefits of the in-home bar., a site designed for adults who are passionate about the way things used to be, features a plethora of classic cocktail recipes, history, music, retro and original barware, anecdotes and useful information, all of which are presented in a format designed for those weary of the too hip, retro cocktail scene. saves people money by offering information so they can make their own drinks in their own home bars and brings back the feel, flavors, and romance of classic cocktails without spending money on trendy bars, cabs, babysitters and bar food.

“You can make classic cocktails in your own home with little effort and a lot less money than a Saturday night out, “said Co-Founder Jerry LeNoir. “Dust off that long table with the plant on it and convert it to a bar.”

The site has been designed for the novice in mind as it features more than 50 CD recommendations to set the mood featuring forgotten gems recorded back in a time when wet-glass rings on album covers were common place.

And, the ever-expanding recipe base promises an ever-growing list of pre-1970 cocktails with step-by-step directions on mixing with accompanying anecdotes to provide the weekend bartender with witty repartee’ for the bleary-eyed soccer mom across the sectional sofa. is a regularly updated, tongue-in-cheek website appealing to the stay-at-home-bartender that reminds and teaches its users that the old ways were often the best ways. It features a plethora of classic cocktail recipes, history, music, retro and original barware, anecdotes and useful information. Tired of the hassles associated with stepping out for drinks, two suburban dads decided to take back their love of well-mixed, alcoholic drinks, bars, barware, music and the fun associated with the combination of all of the above, and bring back the glory days of the in-home bar.

Contact: Susan Kricun, (602) 628-1350,

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