Tempus Creme De Cacao A La Vanille


Recipes For this Amazing Liqueur

Holy smokes! Was I ever surprised at the deliciousness of this spirit!  I’m on my second bottle of Tempus Fugit Spirits’ Creme de Cacao, which is truly something because my last bottle of Creme de Cacao still sits on my basement bar after five years, used sparingly for those once-a-year drinks I used to make with the liqueur. This Tempus Fugit version stands alone and is far above in its flavor, knocking the drinker’s socks off in its depth of combination of Mexican vanilla and Venezuelan chocolate, apparently created from a century+ year old recipe.This is a very rich potion that leaves its mark on whatever cocktail you pour it into. I’ve even poured a dram into a small shot glass and sipped it with a cup of coffee. The nose alone, smelling like nothing more than chocolate and vanilla, compliments my coffee between sips. This is the first time I’ve devoted an article to a liqueur, but this is a rare exception. I love this stuff! It’s very special and well worth the search.


A perfect sipper for deep winter, the Tempus Creme de Cacao is perfect for those indulgent, stay-inside cocktails, when the weather outside doesn’t call for trips out-of-doors, and all you really want to do is hang around the house, light a fire, and listen to music. It’s kind of like pajamas in cocktail form. I’ve used it in the Rosy Cheeks Punch that I put up on the 2012 Holiday Drink List, and it carried the punch as far as I’m concerned. I’ve also made a couple of cocktails with it which I’ll share here. Keep your eyes peeled for a bottle. I’ve even seen it on Amazon.


Creme de Cacao Stinger

Here we go –

  • ½ oz White Crème de Menthe (Tempus Fugit makes a Creme de Menthe which I’ve yet to try)
  • 3/4 oz Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao
  • 1 oz Brandy

Shake everything with cracked ice in a shaker till freezing cold. Pour up into a nice cocktail glass. Sip away.


Brandy Alexander (I know we already have this one up on site, but when made with the Tempus, it’s like drinking it for the first time … only better)

Here we go –

  • 2 ozcream
  • 2 oz Brandy
  • 2 oz Tempus Crème De Cacao

Shake all together in shaker with plenty of cracked ice. Pour up into a nice cocktail glass, or serve over rocks in a rocks glass. A sprinkle of cinnamon only adds to the magic.


Billy Hamilton – Foamy and creamy in the wintertime isn’t a bad thing. You want to feel like you’re putting on a comfy sweater with this one. Like I’ve said before, don’t worry about the egg white in your cocktail. Bartenders have been using them for years, and they provide a richness and frothiness that adds to the drink tremendously. “Mmmmm-mmmm”.

Here we go –

* 1/2 oz brandy

* 1/2 oz Creme de Cacao

* 1/2 oz Cointreau

* 1 egg white

Everything goes into a shaker with cracked ice. Shake for at least a minute till that egg white is foamily incorporated. Pour up into a large cocktail glass.


Smith & Kerr – This is one of my very favorite ways to drink my new friend. You’ll really taste the rich chocolate/vanilla soul of the liqueur with this one. Refreshing and easy to sip, this is a tall drink you can carry around, talk, change a record and come back to. She won’t go warm on you, and the ice cuts the drink, leaving the flavor. Found the recipe on the Barnonedrinks website!

Here we go –

* 1 1/2 ozCreme de Cacao

* 1 /1/2 ozheavy cream

* cold club soda to fill

In a hi-ball glass filled with ice, pour first two ingredients then stir. Pour club soda to fill, add straw if you want to.


Side Kick – Like the Stinger and Grasshopper, this one’s best served before dinner, more as a little kick-in-the-pants & lips loosener for good meal-time gossip and conversation. Like most Creme de Cacao cocktails, you’re not going to want to sip ’em all night.  They’re sweet, which is nice, but eventually you’re gonna want a bourbon rocks, or just a nice strong belt. Still, the Tempus elevates this one, too.

Here we go – (makes 2 small sippers)

* 2 oz Gin

* 1/2 oz Creme de Cacao

* 1/2 oz Cointreau

* 1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

Shake everything with cracked ice and serve up into small cocktail glasses.


So, try and find a bottle of this Tempus Creme De Cacao A La Vanille. I’m writing about it because I love it, and it definitely has its place in my bar. I’m sure I’ll be using it in this summer’s tropical &tiki drinks. I’ll let you know how that goes. It can’t all be the strong stuff. Sometimes, especially in the cold months, a sweet shot in the arm is just what you need.

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