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Yup, this is the place. We’re off the corner, down a few steps, tucked under the back of that old, four-story office building you pass on your way home from work. You’ll see folks ducking down on rainy Fridays for a quick belt on their way to their weekends. C’mon down, let your eyes adjust to the light and pull up a barstool. I’ll be your bartender this evening.

Mr. Booze is going to be the site you come to for conversation, ideas, drink recipes, seasonal cocktail ideas, anecdotes and relaxation. Consider this joint the kind of place you can slip on into and easily spend a Saturday night with a date or a few friends. We’ll be talking cocktails here; cocktails and what goes along with them — old-school music, barware, history, and great places to drink. We’ll mix a couple of cocktails, feed the jukebox with enough change to keep the jazz cookin’ for a while and swap stories. I’m glad you walked in.

What this site will not be is snooty. Mr. Booze loves a well-mixed cocktail but realizes that you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy one. We’ll do our best to stick with simple ingredients and reasonable instructions. We’ll suggest affordable substitutes where appropriate and offer recipes for drinks we’re certain you’ll enjoy trying. Everything we come up with on this site is designed for you to take on home and practice in your own home by your own fireplace or at your basement bar. Stick with us and you’ll be shaking up drinks you’ll enjoy for years to come.

This bar’s all about the way drinking used to be — a cool dark bar, a stiff drink, some great music, and either some spirited conversation or blessed silence. Drinking, eating, music, and atmosphere are what you’ll find down these steps. We don’t infuse, use fresh herbs in our drinks, use flavored vodkas, listen to music recorded past 1970, or mix drinks created in the past 20 years. These are the drinks your parents or grandparents may have enjoyed on their evenings out. When they stepped out in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and made their way to some local jazz spot, they’d have enjoyed the cocktails you’ll find here; old flavors mixed special and served ice-cold. We want you to taste the past here.

We also want you to consider Mr. Booze your bar. This will be the place you wander into because you like to drink here. In the coming months, we’ll break this site down into different leather booths. We’ll have a booth on recipes, a booth for vintage and good reproduction barware, a booth for recommended drinking music, a booth for bar-reviews, and one for all-around atmosphere (after all, the kind of joint you drink in makes all the difference, doesn’t it).

We’ll also try and create the kind of bar where you’ll come to talk booze. What drinks you like, places you go to drink, ideas and recipes you’d like to share can be discussed. Mr. Booze will always have a seat for you up at the bar.

Now, enough chit-chat….whatta ya’ havin’?

Let Mr. Booze pour you a drink.

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