Bar Terminology

Back – A drink (usually water or a soda), to go with your main drink. “Bourbon with a water back”

Double – Double the amount of booze you’re pouring. “Scotch, make it a double.”

For The Road – Get out of my house, soon./Time to leave “Don…one for the road?”

House – The spirit(s) you serve in your establishment. “Early Times is my house whiskey. Miller Hi-Life’s my house beer.”

Neat – Right out of the bottle “Scotch, neat”

Pour – How decent/strong a bar’s drinks are or, more often, how large and well poured a bar’s draft beers are “That bar has a great pour”

Powder Your Nose – An excuse to go to the bathroom. “Deal me out guys, I have to powder my nose.”

Rinse – Swirling a small amount of liquor or liqueur in a glass so that it coats the inside with the spirit’s flavor – Rinse the glass with sweet vermouth, that’s all I’ll need.

Rocks – on ice. “Vodka and lemon, rocks

Straight – No additions, just the called for liquor. “Straight Rye

Twist – A small twist of citrus fruit “Gin & Tonic w/ a twist”

Up – Chilled, but no ice “Martini, up”

Water – The addition of a small amount of water in the spirit. “Scotch, water, rocks.

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