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The Hour Shop

Met a great new contact a couple nights back. Got me thinking that we need to start a new series of posts called Mr. Booze Recommends. So consider this the first. The Hour is located in Old Towne, Alexandria, VA. If you’re in the neighborhood you owe it to yourself to stop by. And if you’re not, well just visit the site. The Hour carries of full line of bar essentials with everything from vintage one-of-a-kind pieces to new items designed with a decidedly mid-century modern flare.

How to Get Your Cocktail Garnish Just Right

Garnish…I know it’s tempting to just finish building your drink and letting the cards fall where they may, but I’m a firm and true believer on putting the period at the end of your cocktail sentence. Go the extra mile and garnish. It really adds a beautiful & extra finish to all your work. If a garnish is mentioned in the drink recipe follow through. Some cocktails don’t call for a garnish….but sometimes, I just will add one as kind of a missing puzzle piece. Home bars mean never having to say “I’m sorry. I call a Martini a “salad” if I add 3 olives. Do you agree?