Retro Bars Around the World: Minneapolis

Hello Darlings! This week’s feature is a throw back tiki lounge in Minneapolis called Psycho Suzie’s.


• Their extensive tiki cocktail menu is topped by a $48 behemoth. Behold: The Mender of Broken Dreams is a 92-ounce, three-tiered cocktail platter that flashes, smokes and comes covered in flowers. It’s like drinking an amusement park ride (it serves 10).


Psycho Suzie’s, also known as the”Tiki Taj Mahal” is a supersized tiki palace with seating for almost 450 — and every one of those seats was filled on the bar’s first Saturday night.

The full cocktail menu is spread across four distinct bars, each with its own array of slushes, shots, tiki mugs and other oddities served in conch shells, pineapples and coconuts. The bar’s familiar brand of comfort food now includes burgers.

Every tiki drink I tried was amazing.  Suzi’s has the best cocktails in the Twin Cities.  If you haven’t been here yet, check it out! The atmosphere is probably the best part, the service is highly exceptional too.

Mon-Fri 11am-2am

Sat-Sun 10am-2am


Retro Bars Around the World: Madison

Hello Darlings! This week’s feature is a cocktail lounge in Madison, WI called The Opus Lounge.


• Pulp Fiction: Orange in new ways.


The Opus has some of the best drinks in Madison. The mixology is better than anywhere else in town. Prices are high, but you don’t need many of these drinks before you feel them!

The banana bread martini is amazing, as well as the grasshopper, cosmo, and tiramisu martini.

The ambiance is a dark, classy, martini lounge. Pretty quiet, chill and relaxing. Fantastic bartenders who are personable and talented with the shakers.

Finally, if you are looking for a good deal, you can’t beat a 25% off “martini flight” during happy hour.  Just ask before you order and they’ll tell you what exactly you’ll be getting.  It’s a good way to sample new drinks and a LOT of alcohol for $12 regular price, $9 at happy hour!  Friend them on Facebook for additional special offers–last week they were doing a free drink after 8pm for fans.

Hours of operation:

Monday-Thursday 4:30-2:00
Friday-Saturday 4:30-2:30
Sunday 7:00-2:00


Top 5 Hotel Bars in the World

If you’re at one of the world’s best hotels bars, your classic cocktail will always be good.

Depending on the occasion, the hotel bar is the place for an after-hours meeting or a celebratory toast. It’s the one place in a foreign city where you can feel like you belong or accomplish work at any hour without feeling like you’re working.

What makes a superb hotel bar is a place where the bartenders are knowledgeable and friendly, where the bar is frequented by locals (a sure sign of quality), but where you won’t find strobe lights or novelty drinks with glowing straws. The hotel bar is an oasis, a place where the only worry is what to order. These welcoming spots are destinations in their own right, offering memorable combinations of sublime cocktails, lovely views, and storied pasts.

The next time you’re out of town, may we suggest these five fabulous hotel bars.

Hemingway Bar, Paris

Happiness!  Oh, should I say more?  Bar Hemingway is my liquor-ravaged liver’s favorite place in the world!
Part of drinking in Paris is getting to know the history of the bar scene. The bartenders at Hemingway are among the most charming in the world.  Ladies are especially well attended to at the bar (as a token of the past, they receive a flower with each cocktail). While they excel at gin-based drinks, I encourage you to see what they can do with bourbon and whiskey (ooh, order a “Whiskey Cobra”!).

Hemingway Bar
Hotel Ritz
15 Place Vendôme
75001 Paris
+33 14 31 63 030

Rock Bar, Bali

The Rock Bar is located at Ayana Resort & Spa which was the former Ritz Carlton at Jimbaran. To access to the bar, guests have to board and inclinator which could only take 4 guests at a time going down and 3 guests at a time when coming up. There is only one inclinator down to the Rock Bar which was perched on the cliffs, hence the long queue. I would definitely say it’s worth the wait.

Ayana Resort & Spa Bali

Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera

Bali 80364, Indonesia
(0)361 702222

Open Daily 24 Hours

Redwood Room, San Francisco

Lovely, lovely! A classy bar with fabulous decor – barmen who are knowledgeable and friendly and mix a mean cocktail – what’s not to like? I have to say the cocktails are probably on my list of the best of SF…they are simply perfectly put together. Good ingredients, a perfect counterbalance of flavors, and enough gentle punch to get you going, without compromising on taste. One of my favorites. One point though – it gets crowded, and it’s definitely a place to sit and savor your bevvie of choice, which can become challenging when seating is all occupied by the bottoms of SF’s pretty people. Aaah nevermind, if you wait awhile, there’s usually a nook you can squeeze into, and it’s worth a little wait!

Overall: Still a cool spot after being open more than 100 years.

Cliff Hotel

495 Geary Street

San Francisco, CA 94102
(800) 406-6690

K Bar, Mykonos

Candles flicker, crickets chirp and the Aegean Sea laps lazily on the shore of the pebble beach. If you end up taking a Greek holiday then at the end of the day you simply have to be sitting in this exact spot: the K Bar of the Kivotos Hotel. ‘Kivotos’ translates as ‘ark’ and in this spot one does indeed feel saved. Since 1993 this 5-Star establishment has indeed lived up to its name as a luxury haven and boasts such special features as the 25 ft. yacht, “The Prince of Neufchatel” or the tranquil pool with underwater music. In K Bar you’ll find caviar from Iran and cigars from Cuba – or simply just an ice-cold Retsina.

K Bar
Kivotos Hotel
Ornos Bay
84600 Mykonos
Tel: +30 22 89 02 40 94

Star Lounge, New York

A lovely intimate private lounge underneath Chelsea Hotel. This place doesn’t have any promoters, so be ready never get inside unless you happen to get an invitation from  people who are hanging out here a lot.
Great to see people and to be seen, very nice and good-looking crowd, though the interior design could be a bit more expensive. The karaoke nights during the week are always fun.

Star Lounge
The Ritz-Carlton New York
Central Park, 50 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019, USA
Tel.: +1-212-521 61 25
open daily: 11 am – 12 am


Retro Bars Around the World: Seattle

Hello Darlings! This week’s feature is a cocktail lounge in Seattle called The Knee High Stocking.



• Champs Élysées: brandy, chartreuse, lemon, bitters and simple syrup, served up with a twist.


Knee High is not just another speakeasy bar.  It’s neither trendy nor glamorous but it has something even better: authentic charm. This speakeasy bears no sign and its windowless exterior makes it easy to overlook. Complete with all the taproom trimmings: classic cocktails, hushed patrons, dim lighting, and polite service, the Knee High is perfectly reminiscent of something you’d experience during prohibition… minus the card playing, cigar smoking, and general top hat wearing men.

From the moment you ring the doorbell at the front, you know it’s going to be a special experience. You will be beckoned in by a dreamy hostess. No sign, no windows, no peeking. The owner was standing outside, greeted us, let us in the curtained foyer and then escorted us to the bar. If you want to feel like a celeb getting into a private club with limited access, this is the way to go.
There are a number of tasty bites on their menu.  The fingerling potatoes were tasty–a cross between french fries and haute couture.  They’ve got an extensive collection of classic cocktails on their menu and some interesting ones of their own creation.  This place is made for a calm evening out with lovely company & conversation. Overall, it’s a great place to get a taste of Seattle drinking culture.

Open 7 days a week from 6pm to close


Retro Bars Around the World: Houston

Hello Darlings! This week’s feature is a delightful lounge in Chicago called the Anvil Bar & Refuge.

• The Anvil Margarita: Tequila That Tastes Like Tequila (No Ice, No Salt, Never Frozen) – $12


The Anvil provides exactly what it says it will: a bar and refuge. After work, after dinner, to celebrate, or just because it’s Tuesday, Anvil is an inviting space to take the edge off. Familiar with seemingly every drink and stocking virtually every ingredient under the sun, this is the spot to embark on a spiritual tour, emphasis on the spirit. Whiskey, gin, rum – all get their best brought out in classics from phosphates to fizzes to sours. These guys are serious about their cocktails and it shows. Which brings me to the bartenders. You don’t see anyone flipping through a recipe book to make the drinks. You see them making the drinks with care, making sure to properly muddle the herbs, carefully measure out the right proportions of liquor, shake or stir when appropriate, down to gingerly placing little leaves as garnish when the drink calls for it.

The prices to be unbelievably reasonable for the quality of drink that you receive. $8-12 is all that you will spend on one of the best cocktails you’ve ever had. Compared to the usual swanky $15 per drink bars, this is a steal. Really I don’t think you can go wrong. That’s why it’s a refuge. You’re safe from bad choices, because there are none.

Retro Bars Around the World: Chicago

Hello Darlings! This week’s feature is a delightful lounge in Chicago called The California Clipper.

• Purple Martini (Grape Soda, Coconut Rum, Lemon)

A bit off the beaten path in Humboldt Park (just south of Wicker Park), the Clipper is well worth seeking out. It’s a throwback cocktail lounge that’s been operating since the 40s and the only bar in Chicago to have grape soda on tap. The rest of the cocktail menu is made up of things you expect your grandfather to have ordered in places like this back in the day. For the past couple of years, this beautifully restored 1940s tavern, with its gorgeous Art Deco bar and red walls bathed in dim light, has been colonized on the weekends by the young and terminally restless. Friday and Saturday nights feature live music, mostly rockabilly and “country swing. The music lineup changes every month and they do a great job of keeping their website up to date with who will be performing. Oh yeah, and there’s no cover!

Open 5pm-2am, Mon-Fri, till 4 am on Fri & Sat. No cover.

Retro Bars Around the World: New York

Hello Darlings! This week’s feature is a new lounge in stunning lounge in New York called The Flatiron Lounge.


• JUNIPER BREEZE: Plymouth Gin and Elderflower with a citrus blend

• FLATIRON MARTINI: Stoli Oranj and Lillet served in a Cointreau rinsed glass

• CHERRY SMASH: Brandied cherries smashed with Kirsch Cherry Liqueur,

mixed with Cognac and fresh lemon


Ah the evening. That strange equivocal hour when the curtains of heaven are drawn up and New York City lights up! Honest men and rogues, sane men and mad are all saying to themselves: “The end of another day!” The thought of all, whether good men or knaves turn to pleasure, and each one hastens to the place of his choice to drink the cup of oblivion.

And where do I go for my cup of oblivion when I’m in New York? Flatiron Lounge of course! The quality of each drink is unlike any other I’ve tried. All fresh ingredients, wonderful embellishments to each drink (the drinks are mixed to compliment the seasons), and the service was impeccable.

What I like most about this lounge is that it is flexible–you can go here for a date, with a group of friends, colleagues, perhaps a client (depending on your industry).

I would advise only going Monday through Thursday and after 10 pm. It is pure luxury during those times. Not crowded. Calm, relaxed. I feel as if I escaped from the hustle and bustle of NYC.

Word to the wise: With quality, comes cost. Most drinks go for $13, but many of the high-end whiskeys climb higher.

Hope to see you there sometime!

Retro Bars Around the World: Los Angeles

Hello Darlings! This week’s feature is a delightful bar called “The Thirsty Crow.” The Thirsty Crow takes its name from an Aesop’s fable about a resourceful bird with a love for whiskey. Owners Bobby Green, Dimitri Komarov and Dmitry Liberman have created a bar that celebrates the “water of life” in multiple classic cocktails, signature drinks that riff on the classics, and straight pours of the good stuff.


  • Mint Julep: Fresh, organic locally grown mint, sugar, and Maker’s Mark bourbon over crushed ice. Frosty and delicious
  • Old Fashioned: It’s been said the Old Fashioned was the first drink to be called a cocktail. Ours is an inviting mix of Buffalo Trace bourbon, sugar, bitters, and orange zest.
  • The Thirsty Crow: A succulent concoction of citrus, Sazerac rye whiskey, bitters, and ginger beer designed to quench your thirst.

At the Thirsty Crow it’s love at first drink. It’s hard to find people truly dedicated to their craft, wholly and entirely obsessed.  The Thirsty Crow is just that.  From their drink menu, to the cups their drinks are served in, to the ambiance, the jukebox, the Thirsty Crow is infatuated, and I love it. You can pull from a reservoir of old cocktails, and the bartender won’t bat an eye.

The place itself is small but full of life. There are often many people sipping away but there is enough room to accommodate everyone.  Everyone is dressed up as though they are from the roaring 20’s.  You can never go wrong with a themed-bar.