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Merry Retro Christmas!

Hello Darlings! The Missus here. I want to wish you all a very Merry Retro Christmas!

Retro Barware Finds of the Week

Hello Darlings! It’s me, The Missus, here to bring you down cool and sweet steals from Ebay to add some flare to your home bar. Every other week I will be on the lookout for the best gems to tickle your fancy.

Click on the items below to take you to the listings. Hurry, before the bid ends!


Lot Of 12 Vintage cocktail Martini Bar Swizzle Sticks

Vintage 1968 ~*ROYAL LONDON*~ Bar Light Cocktail Set


New box Vintage Cocktail Napkins Party Poopers Humorous


Retro Relationship Advice: Rekindle the Flame with Cocktail Hour

Hello Darlings! It’s the Missus here. Happy Holidaze! My favorite time of year has finally arrived. Hang the mistletoe and get your Honey to meet you there at 5 o’clock sharp. Carving out a time every week for cocktail hour can help rekindle the flame in your relationship. Despite the outdated image of women who would cook and clean while wearing heels and crisply pressed dresses there are many things that we can learn from the marriage wisdom of long ago.

Cocktail Hour – Couples Time

The premise is simple, having some time each day to reconnect with your partner or spouse in an environment that is free of distractions is important.  Whether you prepare a martini or serve a seltzer, it’s the caring gesture that is more important than the beverage.

Couples time definitely plays a role in creating a happy marriage and has a positive effect on children too.  Today, many psychologists believe that respecting mom and dad’s alone time is important to the development of children to help them understand that while they are an important member of the family  they are not the center of the universe.  So don’t be afraid to take a little alone time to reconnect even it means telling the kids that they need to amuse themselves for a bit.  If you can protect 30 minutes to an hour of distraction-free couples time daily, everyone will benefit from it.

Now to get you in the mood turn up the music…

“New York, New York” (abridged version)

Just spreading the joy,

With vodka and gin,

I wanna be a part of it,

Cocktails, cocktails,

These martini flutes,

Are longing to fill,

I wanna be a part of it,

Cocktails, cocktails,

I wanna wake up,

In a city that wants to drink,

To find I’m queen of the night,

Ready to clink, fill me with joy….

The mixers are prepped,A

ll melt in your mouth,

I’m gonna drink the night away,

Cocktails, cocktails,

And if I can – make them well,

The party will – be quite swell,

It’s up to us, cocktails, cocktails….

What do you think? Do you have any retro advice of your own?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

How To: Retro Christmas Cocktail Party

Hello Darlings! What’s the Christmas season without a Christmas Cocktail Party? I have lots of advice to make your party the talk of the town…


For holiday drinks check out our recommendations here for delicious ideas and recipes. If you want to pull out all the stops, go on a shopping spree at your local liquor store, then hire a bartender for the evening. On a budget and don’t want to get stuck behind the bar all night? Multiply a single classic cocktail recipe by 10, mix them up in pitchers, and label each one — then all you have to do is set out an ice bucket and tell guests to help themselves. Or buy a few favorite liquors and mixers, print out a fancy drink menu with recipes, title it “Specialties of the House” and let guests mix their own.


Dress to the tens! Invite guys to get dressed up with velvet jackets, ascots and pompadours, while ladies don their fanciest frocks with wraps, gloves, and cocktail rings.


Sparkling conversation is what makes a cocktail party really swing, but if you want to shake things up a bit, try these cocktail contest ideas:

• Let the martini snobs compete for best mixologist. Be sure you have vodka, gin, dry vermouth, olives, pearl onions, lemon twists, a shaker and a stirrer on hand to unleash the martini magic.

• Challenge guests to create the best new cocktail (ridiculous cocktail name mandatory) from your assortment of liquors, mixers, garnishes, swizzle sticks, and drink umbrellas.

• Play a mixed-drink take on Mad Libs™. Ask one guest to come up with an adjective and another a noun (for example, Yummy Pie or Hot Wax), then ask the contestants to make that drink; best version wins.


We have a fine list of great music to create delightful holiday ambiance to get your guest’s hips swaying.

Let the Missus and Mr. Booze help you get the party started!

Retro Cocktail Attire Tips

What would a cocktail be without a little black cocktail dress?

Hello Darlings! This is the Missus. I remember the good ol’ days of the 1930’s through the 1960’s, it was all about cocktail hour. Well-dresses suit clad men and stunning women in little black dresses strutting their stuff in darkened smoke filled rooms. mixing a martini.

Cocktails denote class, money, and a certain debonair sophistication. Everyone owned the essential barware, a swank cocktail shaker, an atomic designed cocktail tray, and cocktail glass. Then there were the unspoken rules. The rules of dress, music, and vocabulary. Seemed as if everyone embrace the leisure of the cocktail party.

Here are the unspoken rules for attire:

For women, cocktail attire often translates into wearing a short dress that is dark in color. If you wear a brightly-colored cocktail dress, make sure it is simple in design. Similarly, be sure to consider the length of dress. Cocktail attire translates to a simple yet elegant look. Dresses that fall just above, at or below the knee are considered cocktail attire.

For men, cocktail attire means wearing a dark suit. Though you may be dressed up for an event, you are not expected to wear a tuxedo. Black and navy blue suits are the most common choices for cocktail attire. Another option is to go with light or dark-colored khakis and to pair it with a dark blazer. Ties are generally optional.

Here is a great site for inspiration:

Tools for a Well-Stocked Retro Home Bar

Hello Darlings! These days, $5 cocktail happy hours are everywhere, especially during the workweek. But sometimes it’s nice (and less expensive) to head home from work and shake (or stir) your own cocktail.

It’s easy to whip up cocktails at home when your bar is stocked with the right tools. Here are the basics to have around for a very happy cocktail hour.

Cocktail shaker or Boston shaker. The traditional cocktail shaker comes with a strainer that fits onto a bar tin. Some drinks, like margaritas and Long Island iced teas, need to be shaken vigorously to get the ingredients mixed up. You want to get a little bit of fizz at the top.

The Boston shaker has a 16-ounce mixing glass and a larger, flat-bottomed bar tin. The glass can be used alone for stirring drinks over ice, and the two pieces together are for shaking drinks, with the tin fitting over the glass. The Boston shaker requires a strainer.

Jigger. This is the best method for properly measuring the ingredients of a cocktail for the right balance.

Always use a jigger to measure your alcohol. Sometimes the difference between a quarter-ounce and a half-ounce is the difference between nirvana and NyQuil.

Bar spoon. A long-handled spoon for mixing and layering drinks in taller glasses. The handles of some bar spoons are spiraled to mix drinks evenly. And they have a petite spoon bowl.

Muddler. This is a thick stick made of wood or stainless steel. It’s used to crush fresh fruit and other ingredients in the bottom of a glass.

Lots of ice on hand and a tool to crack it. For the coldest shaken cocktails, cracked ice is best. Cubed ice is best for stirred drinks, because they keep the drink cold without letting it get watery.

Essential cocktail liquor. Cognac, white rum, gin, bourbon, vodka and tequila. After the party, store liquor in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Did I miss anything?

Retro Bars Around the World: San Francisco

Hello Darlings! We’re starting a new weekly series reviewing classy retro cocktail bars around the planet. Our first feature is a new lounge in San Francisco called Swank.


  • Juniper Blossom $10 (Hendrick’s Gin, wild elderflower, lemon juice, orange juice)
  • Wandering Saint $9 (Sake, St-Germain Liqueur, orange blossom water)
  • Woodford Sidecar $11 (Woodford Reserve Bourbon, maple syrup, Cointreau, lemon juice)

This bar lounge lives up to its name. Decor and all. Swank is… truly, rather swanky. The place is the perfect combo of hip and down-to-earth. Upon entering you’ll discover a dashing ’60s-era vibe with an imposing Sputnik-inspired light fixture orbiting overhead (ah, the warm glow of the Cold War), crimson-colored walls on one side and a textured fabric wall on the other with the classic mahogany bar separating the two (and thankfully no shag carpets).

Slide into the plush seats by the tiled fireplace and start with classic cocktails like an Old Fashioned.. If your date prefers bubbly, you’re in luck, because there’s a page full of champagne-based cocktails like the French 75 and a slew of Bellinis.

Of course, this cozy fifty-seater spot offers a dozen beers and fifteen wines by the glass, if you’re looking for something a little more straightforward.

Don Draper would approve.

How to Remove Cocktail Stains

Hello Darlings! It’s me the Missus. Sooner or later in your life, you’re bound to spill one of your delicious cocktails on your favorite shirt or dress. No worries, it is possible to remove alcohol stains from your clothes, and here’s how.

Before you do anything, make sure you know what you’re “allowed” to do to your clothes. You can generally find any warnings about washing the article of clothing in question on the label. Keep this warnings in mind – if you don’t pay attention to them, you could have much worse than an alcohol stain to deal with.

Things You’ll Need:


Mild detergent



1. Run cool water directly over the stain, rubbing with your fingers to remove the loosest stain on the surface of the fabric.

2. Fill the sink halfway with cool water.

3. Wet the sponge with cool water.

Squeeze several drops of mild detergent onto the wet sponge, and rub it into the sponge to create a soapy froth.

4. Rub the sponge into the stain on your garment.

5. Allow the garment to soak in the cool water for 20 minutes.

Rinse the garment in cool water and inspect the stain.

6. Repeat the process as necessary for stubborn stains.

7. Drain the sink when you have determined that the garment’s stain has been satisfactorily removed.

8. Allow the garment to air-dry before laundering as usual.

9. Launder as usual once the garment is dry and shows no sign of the stain persisting.

Read more: How to Remove Alcohol Stains |