Video Recipes from Mr. Booze

Mai Tai Video Recipe

Here we go – (multiply by a large number)

  • 2 oz Dark Rum
  • 1 oz Apricot Brandy
  • 1 oz Curacao
  • 1 oz Light Rum
  • 3 oz Limejuice
  • 3 oz pineapple juice

1 oz Almond Syrup (I find mine in the baking aisle of the supermarket.  This is the orgeat syrup substitute…Please don’t kill me mai tai purists…I tried to find your syrup, I did)

Mix everything up in a tall glass, tiki mug or bucket, pour over ice. Garnish a Mai Tai with straw, a pineapple spear and a little paper umbrella. After three, tell your guests you’ll see ‘em all again the next day and sit back down for another.

Bourbon and Ginger Recipe Video

Here’s the recipe of the week:

Here we go:
– 2 Ounces good Bourbon
– Ginger Beer to fill.

When it comes to a Bourbon and Ginger, Ginger Beer is where you need to go. Mr. Booze’s absolute favorite brand is Goya. It’s rich and gingery to the point of being almost peppery. Fill your glass half up with ice; add a stir stick. Add your bourbon then fill to near top with the ginger beer. Stir sharply ‘til its frothy.

Harvey Wallbanger Video Recipe

Here’s our video recipe of the week…the Harvey Wallbanger

Here’s a drink my Dad used to whip up during our Family’s two weeks at the beach back in the early 70’s. I have great memories of my Dad wearing his Robert Culp shades mixing up this drink for his pals while the wives had us kids down on the beach. Apparently, the Harvey Wallbanger was named and or created for/by a California Surfer in the early 1960’s. Old Harvey had a habit of wiping out while surfing and would head on off to a local bar to nurse his aches and pains. He’d end the day drinking vodka and Galliano liquor with a little orange juice to tie it all together. He’d end the night by banging into walls on his way out of the bar. This is a wonderful Spring/Summer cocktail; a great cap on a day out on the golf course or before a barbeque. The drink calls for Galliano Italian Liquor. Easy to find, this yellow liquor tastes like a combination vanilla and licorice with a nice sent of flowers. Not too expensive and nice to have at your bar.

Here we go –

  • 2 ounces vodka
  • ¾ ounce of orange juice
  • 1 ounce of Galliano Italian Liquor.
  • Pour the vodka and o.j. into a medium tall glass filled with cracked ice. Stir. Float the Galliano on top of the drink by slowly pouring over the bottom of a bar spoon. Garnish with an orange slice and a straw.