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Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Ghost Stories For Young People / Famous Monsters of Filmland SpeakAlfred Hitchcock Presents: Ghost Stories For Young People / Famous Monsters of Filmland Speak – A double dose of Halloween fun with this CD because you get 2 recordings for the price of one. Director Hitchcock narrates the 1st disc of charming 50’s style ghost stories which work so well as cool-weather living room fodder, perfect to have a cocktail to while hanging out with the family. We just don’t have stuff like this anymore, and believe me when I say, it’s refreshing to enjoy something a little Halloween seasonal with your family and not have to shoo kids from the room nor ask them to cover their ears.

The Famous Monster disc is a little more intense but still family friendly, dealing with a visit to hell and a retelling of the Frankenstein Monster story. There are also some wolfman & vampire stories thrown in. This collection is perfect to play while manning the home front & passing out the candy.

The Thing From Another World SoundtrackThe Thing From Another World Soundtrack – Dimitri Tiomkin’s music from this 1950’s sci-fi thriller is some of the spookiest movie music I’ve ever heard. Chock full of styling and orchestration so long lost, it’s forgotten. This record is wonderful background music for a front-yard cemetery or a gathering of friends on a chilly October’s eve. Mood-setting pure & simple. It’ll creep you out as you sip your cocktail and wait for the zombies to tear through your kitchen door.

Halloween Music by Midnight SyndicateHalloween Music by Midnight Syndicate – I’ll just admit it, if you haven’t already figured it out…I’m a Halloween lover. I love the cocktails, the food, the costumes, the ghost stories, and horror movies. I just love the atmosphere. Midnight Syndicate along with the band in my next pick, are just a bunch of goth kids tryin’ to do right in my book. God bless ‘em ‘cause they sure do try. They also succeed, and here’s the proof. If you’re looking for a recording just dripping with Halloween atmosphere for your event, you could do a lot worse. Don’t buy one of those silly Halloween themed cheap CDs you see at party stores. Buy this compilation by a couple guys that eat, sleep and walk this stuff. Have it playing behind your home bar and everyone will start lookin’ creepy.

Transylvania by Nox ArcanaTransylvania by Nox Arcana – Another bunch of crazy kids who get Mr. Booze’s respect for just following their dream, Nox Arcana will slide right on in to your Halloween home festivities with their ode to the undead. Now, I realize that vampires are crazy-cool right now. All these good-looking vampires vamping it up on television and in the movies hardly reflect my vampires which flew around smelling like dirt and scratched on your windows ready to kill you. I like my vampires scary and this record reflects the old school. Twenty-one songs will carry your party or themed yard towards the witching hour. Transylvania permeates with vampire fun.

These Ghoulish ThingsThese Ghoulish Things – Down at the very bottom of my music recommendations here on the Mr. Booze site lies this recording. I’ve dug it up one more time to lay here. This is just a cooler than hell collection of Monster Themed Rock ‘n Roll songs, all from the heyday of horror movie popularity in America. It’s fun, it’ll have your guests smiling, and it celebrates the season. What more can you ask for?

Kay Kyser & His Orchestra, I’ll Be Seeing YouInner Sanctum Radio Spirits is one of the best-kept secrets on the Internet. They package the classic old radio shows that your grandparents listened to back in the day. Well, along with Little Orphan Annie and Bob Hope comedies, the radio also carried horror tales into your living room. Radio Spirits sells hundreds of them and the Inner Sanctum represents some of the scariest. Mix up a pitcher of manhattans and fire up this collection, and you’ll loose all sense of time. The stories stand up today and include fantastic sound effects and voice actors. Ghost hitchhikers, murdered fiancées, haunted hotel rooms, and evil dolls will haunt your living room. Please, take the time to peruse the site. You’ll find so much there appropriate for Halloween, Christmas, heck, any day.

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